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Healthness, 3 months

I feel excellent! I am more attentive, relaxed and more conscious of what I eat.



Healthness, 3 months

I am so proud of my achievements and above all so grateful for Ai Lee. Her time, dedication, knowledge and encouragement has helped me get to where I am today.



Healthness, 3 months

I feel better on every level.

I learned so much and many things are going to stay.



Healthness, 3 months

Every single thing was perfect. A lot of information, a lot of support, accountability. What else can a person ask from a program! This was one of the best journeys And I’m already waiting to be part of the next round!



Healthness, 3 months

Thanks to Healthness I finally understand how I can accomplish my goal in living a clean and healthy lifestyle without giving up on anything.



Healthness, 3 months

After Yo-Yo dieting for so long I finally learned how to continue to live healthy!

I feel good and I can eat guilt-free.



Healthness, 3 months

I became leaner, fitter, my mindset about nutrition has changed and I have become deeply interested in living a healthier lifestyle. The best decision I made was to embark in this Healthness journey.



Healthness, 3 months

My highlight was letting go of sugar and learning about different ways to burn food.

I will do it again for sure.



Healthness, 3 months

You are the best coach and mentor.

I learned so much about being healthy and I treat my body like it's my temple. 



Healthness, 3 months

As an athlete I now understand health and longevity.

It doesn't only change your body but your mindset. And discipline becomes blissipline.

Make your health your priority.

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Healthness, 3 months

This program gives you a life long learning! It is the best education I have ever gotten and it stays with you forever. At the end of this journey you are able to control your mind and body. Getting rid of the weight will no longer be an effort but a side effect of taking the program.

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Healthness, 3 months

Never too young or old to do this fitness-health program.

I am so happy I had the experience with

Ai Lee's Healthness program. Her tireless support and knowledge made me succeed.

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Healthness, 3 months

All I can say is: Invest in this program. You can only win!

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Healthness, 3 months

It was very challenging and the end goal was exciting . Highly recommend anyone who is willing to accept changes. I must say Ai Lee, you helped change my life!

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Healthness, 3 months

This program is a true life changer. Get ready to feel the best you have ever felt in your life.

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Healthness, 3 months

A HUGE THANK YOU to you Ai Lee! This is a great program. The best about it is your endless support. Great explanations and implementations.

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Healthness, 3 months

I learned a lot about nutrition and I loved the variety of the workouts. I lost 7kg.

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Healthness, 3 months

Everybody knows how to live a healthy lifestyle. But there is usually the lack of implementation. Thanks to Healthness and Ai Lee's support and motivation I managed to change my diet and take care of my body. I have never felt as fit, healthy and happy.

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Healthness, 3 months

I got to know and tried new foods. I have learned what is good for me and what is not. You always supported and motivated me and the whole group so much that I would always do it again. Thanks you for that.

You are just great.



Healthness, 3 months

The motivation, energy and joy Ai Lee radiates pushes me and motivates me to try new things. She ist the best Coach you could wish for and through her program Healthness I became healthier, more energetic and confident.

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Get Ripped, 3 weeks

My mindset, skin, fitness and body changed completely. I feel confident and energized. Ai Lee was there for me every minute and supported me with her  knowledge, tips and positive energy. If I had the slightest signal of a low day, she lifted me right back up and gave me the power to pull through.



STC, 6 weeks

Ai Lee is such a good teacher. She has so much knowledge and is the best fitness professional.Plus, she makes it fun!

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STC, 6 weeks

Ai Lee gave me back my motivation. I lost weight and got stronger. She is the best coach.

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STC, 6 weeks

The most comprehensive program I have ever taken from fitness mentally, physically and emotionally!

Ai Lee covers everything from head to toe to help you reach your goals.

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Healthness, 3 months

Ai Lee and her program have enriched my life. I eat more mindful and love to move. You receive valuable support and, above all, motivation. I love her meditation and I am full of energy. My goal has been exceeded by worlds and I feel very good. I am happy. 



Healthness, 3 months

I am extremely grateful that I was allowed to be part of the challenge. I would not have expected it to that extent but I have a whole new quality of life. Many many thanks!



Healthness, 3 months

This program was very interesting. It showed me a lot what to change. I will definitely keep a lot of it in the future.

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